Omelcom reaffirms its commitment to the common good

With the release of its 2023 report, the company reaffirms its ambitions: to develop its activities in an environmentally conscious manner.

Reading this new CSR report clearly indicates a further step taken by all employees.

From constraint to 100% leverage:

CSR-related actions and requirements are no longer constraints but rather levers to position the company in both the French and international markets: from strategic planning to production, sales, and end-of-life of products, everything becomes ‘made in CSR’!

Becoming increasingly virtuous, the Omelcom ecosystem does not hinder the company’s double-digit growth; here, all teams speak the same language.

As a bonus, workplace well-being and a sense of purpose contribute to better customer satisfaction, as indicated by the recent satisfaction survey.

Counting to grow together:

The most significant achievement of this step is the company’s new accounting approach: today, Omelcom is capable of counting in kg CO2 eq! This new capability is commendable, as the small business in Château-Gaillard was not obligated to embark on a complex journey to be able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and thus contribute to carbon neutrality. By dedicating significant time and financial resources to this effort in collaboration with ADEME (Agence de Développement et de la Maîtrise de l’Énergie), Omelcom solidifies its awareness of our interdependence in taking care of our planet and its humanity.

The spirit of CSR radiates 360 degrees:

In line with this same logic, Omelcom invites its customers, suppliers, and partners to discuss their own CSR expectations with the aim of integrating them effectively into its CSR strategy. While remaining in its rightful place, Omelcom spreads the CSR spirit within its surroundings, with the ambition of combining its three components—social, environmental, and economic—into a single and unified performance.

Our CSR Report 2023

*GHG: Greenhouse Gases

*ADEME: Agency for the Development and Control of Energy

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