FTTH Conference Berlin 2024


📆 Save the date: 19th-21st March 2024.

Come to visit us and discover our Innovation Award shortlisted solution at the FTTH Conference 2024

Discover Omelcom’s latest innovations at B18, Hall 1.2 at Hub27, Messe Berlin in Germany⚡.

Come and explore our hybrid packages designed to optimise your digital infrastructure, reduce construction and operating costs, all while fostering adaptability in equipment integration.

🎉 We’re delighted that our Ludoptic has been shortlisted for the ‘Installation Equipment, Tools, Tests and Measuring Instruments’ category for the #FTTH #Innovation Awards by FTTH Council Europe! 💡

The Omelcom Ludoptic revolutionises optical #fibre deployment with its optical fault-locator featuring 24 remote-controlled laser emitters.

✅ Enhance efficiency, perform verifications during installation, and avoid unnecessary node openings.

✅ The adjustable laser power ensures safety, while the photo time-stamping simplifies reliable controls.

✅ Ludoptic ensures top-notch network quality, minimising risks and maximising productivity.

We’re particularly excited about the launch of our new LUNA Wall Penetration System (WPS)!

✅ The LUNA WPS allows cables to be flexibly installed and easily blown through.

✅ The ergonomic and rotatable design allows an inclination from 45° to 90°. This ensures that all types of cables are inclined at the correct angle, maintaining the bending radius.

✅ The inconspicuous, stylish design makes any cable chaos disappear, seamlessly blending with the adjacent wall – inside and outside.

✅ There are three application types that can be selected based on different needs: above ground, aerial, and underground deployment.



Our International team will be pleased to meet you

By visiting our Stand B18, Hall 1.2, you’ll have the opportunity to

⚡ participate in live demonstrations of our flagship products,

⚡ engage in one-on-one discussions with our team of experts,

⚡ delve deep into the future of the fibre optic market, and

⚡ establish connections with industry leaders.

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