Newly designed Omelcom LUNA S

Redefining Efficiency and Durability in MDU FTTH Rollouts

Omelcom proudly presents the latest innovation in its line-up, the LUNA S, a cutting-edge IP55 enclosure designed to redefine Multi Dwelling Unit (MDU) FTTH deployments. With a swift installation time of a mere 45 seconds per cable, the LUNA S heralds a new era of efficiency and reliability in fibre optic infrastructure.


What sets the newly designed LUNA S apart is its enhancements, meticulously engineered to elevate user experience and performance. Improvements have been made, such as an improved hinge design, enhanced protective barrier, and an even user-friendlier clip redesign.


Most notably, the IP55 enclosure is now lockable with a key, significantly enhancing its security measures. This enhancement not only safeguards the contents from unauthorised access but also provides added protection against tampering, and environmental elements. This ensures more security, enhanced network resilience, minimised damages, improved performances, reduced costs, and increased customer satisfaction.

Upgrade your MDU FTTH rollouts with the LUNA S today

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