Terra product line


Street terminals


The Terra range has been developed to meet the needs of hybrid deployments: electrical, electronic, and optical. It comprises street terminals originating from gas, water, or electrical utilities, and is suitable for all digital applications in cities and territories.


Well-known to local authorities, these terminals seamlessly integrate into the urban landscape, whether they are standalone, recessed into a wall, or paired with other terminals already present in the municipality.

Sealing technology

The waterproofing is ensured through a system of peripheral seals located in critical areas to prevent any water projection onto the equipment of the terminals.


A key lock has been integrated into all our terminal models to protect your equipment.

The 3 good reasons to choose Terra

Benefit 1

Limits the construction costs of your infrastructure

Benefit 2

Limits the operating costs of your infrastructure

Benefit 3

Slows down vandalism

Example 1
To complicate access, we added a locking system with key number 405. It is the only terminal on the market that can be locked with a more secure system than a triangular or rectangular key
Example 2
Their formats are exactly the same as Enedis boxes: they blend into the urban landscape and are not directly associated with video surveillance use
Example 3
The IK10 protection rating provides very good resistance to impacts, making the terminals difficult to destroy


The product selection guide

Photo card TERRA 2
Photo card TERRA 1

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