Omelcom is working on minimising the environmental footprint of its transportation operations

Concerned about helping to limit global warming and fully involved in the issues linked to the decarbonisation of industry, Omelcom carried out its first Greenhouse Gas emissions report in 2022 and structured a decarbonisation plan for its activities. This action plan is structured around 5 areas of work: Steering/guidance Eco-design Low-carbon purchases Travel Logistics, Freight […]

Omelcom reaffirms its commitment to the common good

With the release of its 2023 report, the company reaffirms its ambitions: to develop its activities in an environmentally conscious manner. Reading this new CSR report clearly indicates a further step taken by all employees. From constraint to 100% leverage: CSR-related actions and requirements are no longer constraints but rather levers to position the company […]

Omelcom is very careful about its kg CO2

In accordance with our CSR commitments, we have conducted a complete greenhouse gases analysis. This work is the result of help provided by @Bpifrance with @ADEME and @Association Bilan Carbone, and is the first phase of the Décarbon’Action diagnostic. This diagnostic was conducted jointly with Greenhouse Gas experts and provided the following information:  In 2021, company […]

Ecovadis invites Omelcom to the podium

In order to make progress and better understand areas of effort in terms of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), the company is regularly evaluated by ECOVADIS, the largest international rating agency This year, OMELCOM’s rating has increased by 4 points: only 13% of companies evaluated worldwide achieve this level of score By awarding an overall score […]