Omelcom is very careful about its kg CO2

In accordance with our CSR commitments, we have conducted a complete greenhouse gases analysis.

This work is the result of help provided by @Bpifrance with @ADEME and @Association Bilan Carbone, and is the first phase of the Décarbon’Action diagnostic.

This diagnostic was conducted jointly with Greenhouse Gas experts and provided the following information:

  •  In 2021, company activity resulted in the emission of 7 501 tons of CO2, i.e. almost 200 tons per employee. It was also found that, on average, each Omelcom product generates 1.15 kg of CO2.
  • These results are the equivalent of the annual COemissions of 705 French people or 564 flights around the world. These figures are obviously significant, but they motivate us to improve these results.
  • Taking a closer look at the analysis reveals that the three main activities that release 87% of Omelcom’s CO2 are:
    • Component purchasing (44%),
    • Activities related to sub-contractors (24%),
    • Recycling for our products that have reached the end of their life cycle (19%).

We shall use this analysis to create a decarbonisation plan for our activities, with the objective of reducing our Greenhouse Gases emissions by 2% every year (i.e. 16% by 2030).

Managing all our activities through the application of eco-design principles will enable us to:

  • Understand and live with the interdependence in relation to all our customers, partners, suppliers, etc.,
  • Strengthen links with our sub-contractors, to help them to also act eco-responsibly,
  • Take optimised recycling into account from the product design phase,
  • Change our transport habits and our work organisation,

This initial phase is therefore the time for all Omelcom personnel to become aware of the company’s carbon footprint and to develop the versatility necessary to consider the performance of our creations in terms of kg CO2 and not simply in k€!

To find out more about the results of our Diag Décarbon’action

Odile Baron

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