Brand-new look and website!

The Spirit of Innovation has a brand-new look and website!

  • Discover our new visual identity that marks a strategic turning point for Omelcom, opening new opportunities in various markets, both in terms of activity and location. This evolution requires an image in perfect harmony with our essence. We have retained our logo whilst updating other visual elements with a modern, sleek, warm, and minimalist design.


  • Our values and expertise are embodied in this new look: innovation, simplicity, ergonomic product design for installers, cohesion, and teamwork.


  • As part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR), we have chosen a warm and vibrant orange that respects contrasts to optimise web accessibility. The teal and orange colour scheme adds depth and modernity to our visual identity, and represents our technical expertise and our commitment to the environment.


  • Our new website is at the core of this new visual identity and represents the central point of all our communications. Designed to be accessible on all devices, the site is responsive and offers an optimised navigation experience.


  • This visual identity will be the cornerstone of our multi-platform communications and will evolve in line with our activity.


Join us on this new visual journey!

Stay tuned for updates, insights, and industry news on our blog and LinkedIn page.

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