The several benefits you will get from the Ludoptic multiple lasers

The Omelcom Ludoptic is a visual fault locator that enables you to audit the continuity of your optical fibre network from your smartphone.
Each team member will benefit from this innovative tool:
  • The project manager can guarantee the compliance of the network via the Omelcom Connect App, and improving customer satisfaction.
  • The team leader can optimise their performance by industrialising the control tasks (up to 24 fibres controlled by once) and assigning only one technician for the fibre-to-fibre matching check: more human resources for billable services.
  • The health and safety manager can ensure the employee’s safety thanks to warning pop ups on the Omelcom App and safety caps over each laser.
  • The installers will benefit from autonomy and motivation thanks to avoiding boring backs and forths between the point of mutualisation and the ending points to the subscriber areas.
  • And finally, the team reduces environmental issues by using rechargeable tools and avoiding single-use objects.
Discover how YOU could benefit from the Ludoptic’s multiple lasers by watching the following video:

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