Meeting the Growing Demand for Household Connectivity in the UK

A Strategic Overview The UK connectivity market is grappling with a surging demand, boasting 14 million homes passed and 3 million homes connected as of December 2023. To address this escalating demand while simultaneously reducing operational expenditures (Opex), several key strategies have emerged from the recent #INCA Supply and Innovation Roadshow. Supply Chain Flexibility The […]

UK’s exciting growth path will have to deal with a number of key issues

Bloc 1/6 The UK fibre market is on a rapid growth path, as shown by the latest FTTH Council Europe forecasts. However, there are a number of significant challenges ahead and the landscape is likely to be significantly different in five years’ time. Market Growth As shown in the extract below from the FTTH Council […]

Paving the Path to a Greener Future: FTTH Manufacturers’ Vital Role in Climate Action

As the far-reaching consequences of climate change continue to reverberate worldwide, the imperative for every industry sector to make substantial contributions to carbon emissions reduction and environmental preservation becomes undeniable. The tangible and current impacts of climate change — more frequent and intense weather events, rising sea levels menacing coastal regions, accelerated glacier melting, and […]