The Omelcom Ludoptic wins the Best Fibre Innovation Award

We are delighted to win the Best Fibre Innovation Award for the Omelcom Ludoptic at the UK Fibre Awards 2023, recognising our slogan, “Spirit of innovation”.

The requirements for the Best Fibre Innovation Award were a “fibre provider that has displayed outstanding innovation in any aspect of full fibre deployment, transforming and accelerating roll outs, including new construction techniques and design elements.”.

“Our field knowledge allows us to design and develop ergonomic and high-performance solutions that meet the users’ needs. We are thrilled about winning this recognition in the UK market and perceive it as a real opportunity for raising our visibility with UK players who are already well-established in that area.” Laurane BUSSIERES, Head of International Marketing

The evolution of the Omelcom Ludoptic

The Omelcom Ludoptic is a smart tool equipped with 24 laser emitters, which can be controlled remotely, using an app on your smartphone.

The Ludoptic was born out of the challenges faced by a project manager, Ludovic, in installing and maintaining the fibre optic network in his area. Ludovic and the Omelcom team worked together by developing a prototype into a commercial product. Over the years, the Omelcom team has expanded the functional scope of the multi-laser boxes by considering the limited human resources, sustainability of quality networks, the unprecedented economic pressure, health and safety of the workplace etc. The Ludoptic range and its Omelcom Connect app provide solutions to all these challenges. Today, no less than 500 multi-laser boxes (from 2 to 24 lasers) are already in use within international fibre networks and 500 more are on order with undeniable returns on investment.

How you can benefit from the Omelcom Ludoptic


The project manager can guarantee the compliance of the network via the Omelcom Connect App, and hence, improve customer satisfaction.

The team leader can optimise their performance by
batching the control tasks (up to 24 fibres controlled by once) and
assigning only one technician for the fibre-to-fibre matching check:
more human resources for billable services.

The health and safety manager can ensure the employee’s safety thanks to warning pop ups on the Omelcom App and safety caps over each laser.

The installers will benefit from autonomy and
motivation thanks to avoiding boring back and forths between the fibre
optic node and the ending points to the subscriber areas.

And finally, the team reduces environmental issues by using rechargeable tools and avoiding single-use objects.

The accelerator of your deployment, at the service of your productivity.

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