Experience Next-level FTTx Connectivity with Omelcom’s New Aerial Subscriber Node 24

In a world driven by connectivity, Omelcom is proud to introduce the new Aerial Subscriber Node 24 (ASN 24), a revolutionary technology that promises to redefine network reliability and performance. The Aerial Subscriber Node 24 delivers a superior level of connectivity and customer satisfaction with unbreakable connections, seamless performance, and hassle-free operations with minimal downtime and maintenance costs.

Backed by the patented Distri-Protect® technology, the ASN 24 guarantees not only safeguarded connections between distribution cable fibres and pigtails but also their secure placement according to the EN 61300-2-4 standard. With an impressive installation time of just 45 seconds per cable, the ASN 24 eliminates downtime concerns while boosting productivity.

“The Distri-Protect® solution coupled with the E@sy’Secure® anchoring system is a game-changer in the field of network technology,” said — Laurane Bussières, International Product Manager at Omelcom.

“Our customers can now achieve a reliable and robust network infrastructure with minimal effort, reduced maintenance costs, and enhanced security.”

Key features of Omelcom’s ASN 24 include:

  • Unbreakable connections for reliability: In conjunction with the patented E@sy’Secure® anchoring system, our Distri-Protect® technology ensures that the connections between distribution cable fibres and pigtails are not only safeguarded but also held securely in place as per the 
EN 61300-2-4 standard.
  • Reduced risk of damage for seamless performance: Enjoy a reliable and stable network with an installation time of only 45 seconds per cable, saving you time and effort. With our expertly spliced distribution cable fibres to pigtails during installation, your connections are fortified for lasting durability, even in demanding conditions.
  • Hassle-free operation with minimal downtime and maintenance costs: The inner cover used in the connection area provides an extra layer of protection, shielding your wiring from potential harm. This helps minimise maintenance costs and ensures a worry-free network operation.

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